About Singletrack Trails

The mission of Singletrack Trails is partnering with government agency land managers and private landowners to create meaningful outdoor experiences through durable shared-use trail construction, natural resource protection and volunteer education.

Driven by the desire to protect natural resources while providing better trail experiences for folks recreating outdoors, Singletrack Trails, Inc. was established in 2004. Since its founding, Singletrack Trails has been involved with the layout and construction of more than 300 miles of sustainable, shared-use trails across the United States. An active member of the Professional TrailBuilders Association, Singletrack Trails is a leader in the Rocky Mountain Region for shared-use trail planning, design, construction and the development of bicycle skills training parks.

Based in Winter Park, Colorado, Singletrack Trails credits its success to the productive partnerships developed with federal land management agencies including the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the U.S. Forest Service and state, county and local governments. Singletrack Trails also has several beneficial partnerships with private property owners. Through these partnerships, Singletrack Trails has received numerous industry accolades and referrals, maintaining a high level of client retention.

Primary Company Location
P.O. Box 1888
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Company Quick Description

Developing shared-use trail solutions that protect the resource and mitigate user conflict.

Products & Services

Sustainable Planning and Design

  • Trail Assessment
  • Conceptual Trail Design
  • Trail Master Planning
  • Construction Documentation/Bid Preparation
  • Detailed Field Flagging
for construction

GIS/GPS Mapping

  • Trail Inventory
  • Map Preparation
  • GIS Data Management
  • GIS/GPS Conversion

Trail Construction

  • Mechanized Trail Building
  • Hand Crew Construction
  • Hybrid projects that incorporate volunteers or youth corps
  • Construction management

Project Management

  • Large Scale Projects with multiple contractors
  • Volunteer Coordination and Training
  • Youth Corps Oversight

Bike-Specific Trail Services

  • Bike Park Design and Construction
  • Pump Track Design and Construction
  • Freeride Trail Design and Construction
  • Pump Track Trail Design and Construction

Areas of Expertise

Company Contact

Greg Mazu
P.O. Box 1888