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About Progressive Trail Design

Progressive Trail Design (PTD) is a Trail Building and Outdoor Recreation Development Company.
We specialize in the design and construction of all types of Soft Surface Trails and Mountain Bike Parks. Though our specialty is purpose-built mountain bike trails and parks, our wide range of services allow us to tackle a broad spectrum of trail related features and projects.  We are a member of the Professional Trail Builders Association.

Our unified vision is Design-Build-Ride. This core philosophy allows us to most efficiently address the needs of users, land managers, and the distinctive qualities of each piece of land and provides the most cost effective solutions. Whether constructing intimate singletrack or trailhead facilities, our goal is to link users to their natural environment through unique experiences.

Each of our team members brings with them a distinct set of skills and perspective to our collective. Our many years of experience as advocates, builders, and planners give us the insight to design and build sustainable trails and unique recreational facilities. From the sensitive understanding of land conservation to the complexity of computer design, we understand that trail building is both an art and science.


Products & Services

This type of trail is the epitome of purpose-built singletrack trail for mountain bikes. “Flow Trails”, as they are commonly called, are heavily textured natural surface trails that incorporate berms, rollers, and constant undulation to create a “roller coaster-like” experience. As with traditional single track trails “Flow Trails” follows the contours of the land, have moderate grades, and are sustainable.


A “Gateway Trail” is a designation coined by the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA).  These trails are designed specifically for beginner level riders and youth cyclists as an introduction or “gateway” to mountain biking. A variety of entry level trail features often found in mountain bike trails are incorporated; rollers, berms, low lying board walks, and log rides. They are often developed in conjunction with multi-use paved “Greenway Trails”, in pocket parks and are ideal for urban areas with limited land use opportunities. The concept is also gaining ground at schools and recreation facilities with small adjoining parcels of undeveloped land. “Gateway Trails” provide a safe and controlled environment for developing cycling skills.


This is an advanced-level technical single track trail with a variety of natural and man-made obstacles incorporated. These types of trails bridge the gap between traditional “cross country’ style trails and “freeride” style of riding. Technical Trail Features (TTF’s) commonly employed would include rock gardens, ledges, drops, wooden structures, and log rides. TTF’s are designed to challenge the rider on the ground and in the air.  As with all trails the terrain will often dictate the feasibility of this type of trail.


There are two primary subcategories of “Downhill Trail”. 1. Downhill Flow Trail - A smooth surface trail with rollers, berms, jumps, drops and some wood or stone features. Typically four to eight feet wide, these trails can provide experiences for beginner to expert level riders.  2. Technical Downhill Trail - A more advanced trail with many of the same features, only more extreme! Tighter and steeper!  Navigating gnarly rock gardens and becoming airborne is a mandatory experience. Both trails are also commonly “one-way” downhill and usually have vehicle shuttle access, chair-lift access or return trails to the top. 


These rhythm and flow oriented downhill trails feature a variety of man-made features. The courses are very similar to “Downhill Flow Trails”, but differ in that they are much shorter and have more stacked features. Features include dirt berms, rollers, jumps and a variety of man-made features such as wall rides or whales tails. The width of the trail can range from four to eight feet and distances up to 3000 feet. Comprehensive facilities commonly include multiple progressive lines with features increasing in size and challenge throughout the run. There is typically a line for each skill level. These amenities are perfect for areas with some elevation drop and terrain but little space.


A Pumptrack is a closed circuit track consisting of rollers, mounds and berms shaped and spaced to allow riders to generate and maintain speed without pedaling. They are designed in configurations to promote creative line and transfer choices and pumping skills. They are built in flat areas and typically range from 5-15k square feet. PTD offers custom dirt-based designs. Refer to the Progressive Bike Ramp catalog for Modular Pumptracks.


A Skills Course is playground-like facility comprised of a variety of elevated features, such as “ladder bridges” and “skinnys”, designed to teach balance and technical handling skills. They are commonly constructed in flat open areas and range in size from 5-50k square feet. Along with Pumptracks they are the core beginner amenities that promote basic bike handling skills before progressing to more advanced features. Refer to the Progressive Bike Ramps catalog to review our full line of modular bike features.


The Session Zone is basically a “dirt jump park” with the addition of man-made features. It is organized into a minimum of three lines (beginner intermediate, expert) that are progressively more difficult; the layout may encourage transfers and creative combinations of the different features. This is where riders learn to jump, “session” or practice tricks in a controlled environment.  This amenity is typically developed on a flat piece of land and ranges in size from 15-100k square feet.   


There are two primary subcategories: 1. Dual Slalom, 2. Four-Cross. Both courses are short (1000-2000’) downhill tracks punctuated with very highly crafted rollers, jumps, drops and berms. Dual Slalom courses are comprised of two identical parallel tracks and designed for head to head competition. A Four-Cross Track is a single course wide enough to accommodate 4 competitors riding side-by-side: similar to a BMX track only gravity driven.  These amenities are perfect for areas with some elevation drop and terrain but little space.



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